The article “Effects Of Toxic Work Environment On Staff Productivity” is an article that every entrepreneur and employer of labour should read.

Being in a good relationship with those that are around us is an attitude that is generally encouraged in every society. This is because, it helps to create a good atmosphere in that environment as it fosters unity, creativity, and productivity.

The good relationship that is expected is many a time not gotten due to various reasons depending on the particular circumstance in play. Whatever the circumstance, the primary reason why a toxic environment grows is because of the different character traits, attitudes, and understanding of humans.

Toxicity In The Workplace

With the workplace being a place where people of different orientations gather for the purpose of helping their employers meet certain goals profit wise, it is also a place where toxicity can brew. And if the cause of this toxicity is not discovered and rooted out, it can negatively impact the business environment.

Here are some of the effects that toxic work environment can  breed:

Bad leadership

It is often said that the bulk starts and stops with leadership and this is usually the case in most instances. It might not necessarily be about incompetence or lack of desire to put things right rather, it might just be about the lack of the necessary know-how needed to implement certain policies. All in all, where there is a fault with the leadership, it usually will boil down to the other workers.

Unmotivated Co-workers

There are many reasons why workers in an organization might be unmotivated. The working conditions, the payments structure or even leadership might the reason for it. However, the sad thing about working in an unmotivated environment is that it usually will start impacting you negatively and before you know it, you become part of the toxicity. 

Stifled Growth

For anyone who has worked in an organization (any type of organization) you will understand that the stifling of growth is one of the greatest breeders of a toxic work environment. This here has to do with either the inability of the work place to provide facilities to enable the growth of the worker’s skill sets or qualifications or the lack of upward mobility in the workplace. Note that the more skills a worker acquires, the more valuable you are to the organization and other organizations while upward mobility affects your position in an organization and of course, your pay. 

No Balance

One of the markers of a toxic work environment is the lack of balance in the work place. This balance is usually as a result of a lack of proper apportioning of tasks and duties. This affects the schedule of the workers who might be subjected to very long and tedious work hours that will understandably affect the workers psych. This will over time boil over in the attitude of the workers in the work environment creating a toxic atmosphere.

Constant Burnout

Another effect of a toxic work environment on staff productivity is that the worker(s) suffer constant burnout. This is because, most times, their energies are channeled to things that are not primarily their job description but rather channeled towards solving petty issues other unnecessary challenges that occur in the work environment. This occurrence will generally reduce the productivity of the staff at the workplace.


One of the saddest things that can happen to an individual is if the individual works in a toxic environment. Beyond the way that it negatively impacts on the individual’s productivity, the individual working in a toxic environment risks becoming toxic too.

And for an organization that is toxic, the management has to really sit up and take steps to improve the mood in their organization. If left unchecked, the organization risks being unproductive and even, winding up for not meeting its own goals.

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