One very constant fact about life is change. It occurs irrespective of our feelings towards it. This change has not only affected the way we live, but it has also influenced the way we work. Some people: digital marketer now works from the office building (onsite jobs) while others do freelance jobs from any location of their choice.

It is true that change comes with a lot of things but it is through this means (change), that human society has been able to evolve into what it is now. And as long as the human race exists, these changes will continually happen.

One change that has happened in recent years is the rise of digital platforms due to the internet. The internet has created new avenues of work that didn’t exist before such that people do not necessarily have to work the 9-5 jobs in an “office” wearing a suit to look the part. Rather, people are able to stay and work from their various places of abode.

What Are Freelance Jobs?

These are particular contracts and jobs given to independent workers to handle. Freelance jobs are of various types and can be on anything as far as the person it is given to can do a good job. The various independent workers on the lookout for these type of jobs from various clients are known as freelancers.

Today, freelance jobs are getting more popular as it has become a way for many people to work independently on their various areas of competence without being in a traditional work environment.

Another reason for the rise in the demand for freelancers and of freelance jobs is due to the continuous increase of the online market also known as the digital market.

What Is The Digital Market

As earlier stated, this simply refers to trading done online. The coming of the internet has changed a lot of traditional dynamics that where the norm prior to its invention.

This is because, rather than going to the market, restaurant or mall to make purchases, people can now make purchases online as there are those (individuals and organizations alike) who market their wares online. 

Who Is A Digital Marketer?

This is an individual who leverages on the various digital (online) tools available to grow a brands popularity, create brand awareness and market its various products and services to the public. In today’s digital space, brands need the services of digital marketers to promote them as it is through this visibility to potential customers.

Think of it this way, most things today are done online, even the market is online (and it has a global reach). Again, many other brands are also online and may even, in some instances, offer the same services that you offer.

This means that the one who has the most visibility to the online public has the most chances of being patronized the more.

Thus, in other to grow your online presence as a brand and as a business, it becomes very necessary that you engage the services of a digital marketer.

The digital marketer when engaged can now leverage on the various online tools and strategies like the SEO (search engine optimization), the various social media platforms, paid adverts and constant content creation to achieve this aim.  

What Are Onsite Jobs?

These are types of employment where the individual being engaged is expected to be at the site or place of employment. Traditionally, this is the more popular type of job that is prevalent in the society today.

However, in today’s digital setting, it can also mean an employment with a particular organization or brand with defined job description.

Again, these sort of engagements can also be either one where the individual has to work in the organization’s office at a certain location or work remotely.

Comparing Onsite And Freelance Jobs

Each of these job options has its various advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, none can be said to be better for the other.

For onsite jobs, the basic advantage is that the individual has job security. Also, such a person has a defined salary/payment structure (this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the situation). However, such a person does not have the freedom to function at his or her own pace and again, due to the fixed nature of the payment, the person will earn the same amount no matter the number of tasks handled.

For freelancers, the obvious advantage is that the individual is independent and is a boss only to him or herself. Again, such a person gets paid per job and as such, will be smiling to the banks if he/she is such that gets patronized regularly.

The disadvantage to being a freelancer is that there is no job security and there might be times when no freelance jobs come. At such points, the individual will have no source of income.


Digital marketing is one increasingly lucrative job option that many people are currently pursuing. Whether this is done as a freelancer or as an onsite worker, the goal is to have a lucrative source of income.